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Internet-banking "BANK24" for legal entities

Can I find out about internet banking rates?
Updated 5 September 2018 г. 18:10
Dear customer with regard to rates, I can connect you to a branch that will be closer to you
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Can you tell us about the features of the IBK system for legal entities?
Updated 17 October 2019 г. 10:29
  • Account management and control
  • Entering payment documents
  • Entering SWIFT payment documents
  • Foreign currency Buy and Sell
  • Sending payroll
  • Security is ensured by SSL protocol and EDS on USB key
  • Creating templates of payment documents
  • Viewing the status of all documents in the bank’s ABS
  • Batch entry of payment documents to the system
  • Switching between legal entities within one User
  • Customization of the site interface - themes, sizes, fonts
  • Account statements and inquiries for any period
  • View card index
  • Use IBK outside Uzbekistan

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Procedure for connection to the Internet banking
Updated 26 April 2022 г. 14:41
  1. Signing of the agreement “On servicing in the Internet-Banking system”;
  2. Filling out an application for connection to the Internet Banking system (a photocopy of the passport will be required);
  3. Acceptance and transfer of a key with an Electronic Digital Signature (EDS); contract, application, EDS acceptance and transfer certificate are drawn up by the bank, in the corporate client department.Employee of the department sends the document to the IT department. After a certain time, employee of the IT department activates the IBK service and transfers the data and the key directly to the client or his/her representative upon presentation of a passport, rights or a power of attorney.

Electronic digital signature is necessary for signing and sending documents to the bank. If these functions are not needed for the user, then there is no need for the key.

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Requirements for software and hardware
Updated 17 October 2019 г. 17:01
  1. For the operation in the System, the Client should have a personal computer with Microsoft software installed on it
  2. Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
  3. Internet browser: Internet Explorer 11.0.
  4. When using any version of Internet Explorer, the cipher strength should be 128-bit.
Browsers such as Netscape, Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome of any configuration cannot be used for operating in the System (only viewing is allowed).
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What is Internet Banking for Legal Entities (IBK)?
Updated 5 September 2018 г. 18:05
Internet banking “BANK24” is a service that allows you to manage your bank account via the Internet. For adequate operation with Internet banking technology, it is enough for you to have a computer connected to the Internet and available Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
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